So What's My Story?

After 3 years of being a poor social worker (the work I loved, the pay I didn't), I decided it was time to go back to school and get my Master's! After weighing my options (school far away from home, or school in a different country that is only an 8-hour drive from home) I decided to try my luck in British Columbia, Canada.

For a year I lived in
Surrey, BC while attending Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC. However, as the final component of my work toward my Masters degree in Criminology I have moved back to the states to complete an internship at an Independent Living Program for youth leaving the foster care system.

Here is the story of my adventures as a graduate student in a "foreign" country as well as my current work back in the states.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Term Finally DONE

I have FINALLY finished my summer term paper, an examination of the path that leads foster youth to involvement in crime and how generally effective independent living programs are or may be in reducing the disproportionate number of former foster youth who end up in the CJS. My prof for my independent study extended the deadline since our original plan for a project didn't pan out. So... it is now DONE! (even though the term's classes were done almost a month ago).

I would REALLY love some other than myself and my prof to read it as I spent a lot of time on it and am quite proud of this. Hoping that someone out there will read it and give me some feedback, I have made it available online here, however, google has messed up all my graphics and formatting, so I apologize for that!

P.S. I have not done my final typo edit on this, but it has gone through about three different edits between myself and my prof, so I'm hoping it's good enough for viewers at this point!

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